Better-Bottle PET Plastic (3 gal.)

Better-Bottle PET Plastic (3 gal.)
Item# 3053

Product Description

3 Gallon Better-Bottle Carboy Seals with a #10 stopper which is sold separately. Better-Bottle plastic carboys are, as the name suggests, better in just about every way than their glass counterparts. They have been specifically designed for fermenting beer and wine, are easier to clean than glass, are light, unbreakable and safe, and are not gas permeable.


Carboy Handle (for Better Bottle Carboys)
Better Bottle Handle: Snap on handle fits all sizes of Better Bottles. Makes carrying an empty Better Bottle much easier. Always support a full carboy from the bottom.
Drilled Stopper # 10
Drilled Stopper # 10. For use with 5 and 6 gallon Better Bottle sizes. (Item #3054 & #3058)
3 Piece Airlock
Plastic Fermentation Air lock
"S" Shape Air Lock
Twin Bubble "S" Design, Plastic Fermentation Lock