Carbonation Drops

Carbonation Drops
Item# 2839e

Product Description

Carbonation Drops are a unique easy-to-use homebrew carbonation system. Each drop has the ability to fully carbonate one 12-oz bottle, with two drops fully carbonating a 22-oz bottle. Each package contains 60 drops, enough to bottle 6 gallons of beer. Coopers Brewery Carbonation Drops are 27% glucose and 73% sucrose. Carbonation Drops contain no additives, preservatives, fillers or binders. Just 100% ease in bottling. Usage:

Carbonation Drops are designed to make bottling a breeze for all levels of homebrewers. Simply add one Carbonation Drop to each 12 oz bottle (2 drops if using 22 oz bottles) prior to filling. Fill bottle to within 1-2 inches of the top and cap as normal. Store at fermentation temperature and your beer will be fully carbonated within 3 days. No more measuring, racking or uneven carbonation levels.

Note: For best results, a week after bottling, flip the bottles over a couple of times to help mix in the sugars.