Basic HomeBrewing kit (5 gallons)

Item# 3091
Upgrade to 5 gallon GLASS carboy: 

Product Description

Home Brewery Equipment Kit. Complete setup for 5 gal. batches. (Does not include beer ingredients, bottles, or cooking untensils.) Inludes the following:

6.5 Gal. Primary Fermenter

Lid for 6.5 Gal. Primary Fermenter

Liquid Crystal Thermometer

Black Beauty Bottle Capper

Racking Cane

Siphon Tube

Pinch clamp

Bottle Filler

Fermentation lock

Drilled stopper

5 Gallon Better Bottle - option to upgrade to glass +$10


Carboy Brush

Beer Bottle Brush

Easy Clean Sanitizer

"Home Beermaking" by Moore

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