Pinot Noir (6 Gal.)

Pinot Noir (6 Gal.)
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Product Description

PINOT NOIR: Intense Ruby color with a solid acidity. Ripe cherry flavours with a herbaceous nose.This wine expresses itself with elegance, smooth attack with a long lingering finish. (Juice originated from: Italy).

Many attempt to reproduce all the benefits found within Mosti Mondiale's Original AllJuice™, the truth: There can only be one ORIGINAL! ORIGINAL ALLJUICE™.

Truly the “Best of both Worlds” in home winemaking, the Original AllJuice™ is the pinnacle of winemaking. Taste the difference fresh juice makes in terms of bouquet, body, or taste. You will truly reap all the benefits that only quality fresh juice can provide.

Ageing wines made from The Original AllJuice™ for at least six months will guarantee you wines with more character.