Winemaking Kit -- for making wine from Fresh Fruits (5 gallons)

Item# 3090b
Upgrade to 5 gallon GLASS: 

Product Description

Fermentation Equipment Kit to make 5 gallons of wine from fresh fruit. (Does not include: bottles, corks, or corker)


10 gal. Primary Fermenter

Lid for 10 gal Fermenter

Floating Glass Thermometer

Hydrometer Set (hydrometer & jar)

Nylon Straining Bag


Siphon Hose

Pinch Clamp

5 Gallon Better Bottle -- upgrade to glass 5 gallon +$10

Fermentation lock

Drilled stopper

Carboy brush

Wine Bottle Brush

2 oz. Pottasium Sulfite

Winemaking Instruction Packet

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